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By: Arnulfo Yu Laniba
Agape Foundation (Agasoft)
Email: cocoy777@yahoo.com

Sunday, April 08, 2007, Badbad Oriental, Loon, Bohol, Philippines -

The use of fossil fuel (oil) by our vehicles and machineries and the use of chemicals by our factories are the main culprit of today’s serious environmental pollution and damage.

According to Asian Development Bank (ADB), daily polluted air, mostly particulate matter or PM10 from burned fossil fuel (oil, gasoline) is, for example, killing half a million Asians every year. These are premature deaths caused by urban air pollution.

The depletion of the ozone layer is mainly blamed on burning of fossil fuel by millions of cars all over the world. Land vehicles are the main producer of carbon dioxide in the air. A car emits about 5 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

The ozone depletion has a scary chain of disastrous effects:

All the chloro-fluoro-carbon or CFC smoke that we produced on the ground had risen up and accumulated in the upper atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer, pushing away and replacing tons of ozone atoms, in effect creating ‘holes’ in the ozone layer one of which is as big as the North America continent, and through this ‘hole’ passes the ultra-violet rays of the sun, instead of being caught and turned into mild, life-friendly gamma rays. These ultra-violet rays (UVRs) are too hot for our oceans and land. The ocean-floor boils like a teapot and release on time, deadly swirling air and water – we officially call that phenomenon ‘storm’, ‘typhoon’ and ‘hurricane’. On the other hand, the forest dry up and thick layers of dry leaves fuel destructive wildfires. Too hot a temperature is also causing home air-conditioners to pump in hot air instead of cold air, suffocating many people at home, especially the elderly. Thousands died in Europe every year the heat wave plagued the continent. People of the world have been also warned about exposing their skins to UVRs during beach sun-tanning or prolonged work under the hot sun, because UVRs cause skin-cancer. We are advised to wear protective clothing.

This chain of catastrophic events does not end there. Hurricane or typhoons or storms displace people or even a whole state or country like New Orleans after hurricane Katrina struck without mercy. New Orleans has now become a ‘ghost town’. All engines of economy – all activities of life and commerce have stopped. Some few people are trying to bring back the good times, but it seems to be of no avail. Recent update depicts a hopeless effort at reconstruction because the damage has been too big. It is very disheartening. New Orleaners have become refugees overnight. Displaced people. Thank God, there are still friendly places to go such as other states whose citizens are their fellow Americans.

But news have it that it is not to be the case with many less fortunate other peoples of the earth. Like political refugees floating on boats nowhere to go, environmental refugees will suffer mass displacement and mass migration where no country is known to accept or give refuge. This will be hastened by another effect of producing CFC smoke which is the “matting” of carbon dioxide on the upper aerial surface of the earth, just below the ozone layer, preventing earth’s heat from escaping to the outer space. Thus, the heat stays and accumulates inside the planet, right up there in the atmosphere, something very similar to a green house where heat is trapped inside.

What does this mean? What is its result? More heat. And more heat means, aside from draught and El Niño, melting of huge ice layers in Greenland, Iceland, Arctic and Antarctic regions. It was predicted to happen years in the future but suddenly, this month, report came flying around the world that this is already happening in Greenland and Iceland!

Miles-thick layers of ice as huge and as wide as a whole country can mean disaster in many places around the world: it will cause as much as 2 meters of increase in sea level. If that will happen right as estimated, then, many low-lying cities, towns, villages, islands or even whole countries will be drowned and disappear from the map! Then the millions of displaced people, who lost their habitat, will become a big problem to all nations. Surely, without sufficient brotherly love in our heart, they will become a heavy burden to all of us. They will become homeless – landless -- outcast. Russia, without brotherly love received from God, will not offer her vast vacant lands.

The number of environmental refugees is estimated to reach 200 millions! That’s about two and a half times the present population of the Philippines.

The original cause? The thought of just one man that manufacturing and burning plastics is harmless. And this one man became ten, and convincing others to do the same, this small number became a hundred, and then, a thousand, and then, a million and then billions! Where virtually everyone of us, about 7 billions people of this planet, producing CFC smoke more than a liter a day, what can you expect to continue to ravage our planet and houses? More furious storms and hurricanes, more suffocating heat waves, more untamable wildfires, more drought, more destructions of lives, farms and properties, hence, greater poverty, misery and death.

According to the scientists especially the climatologists, that is certain – as sure as the sun shining in the next day! There is no good expected if we continue self-denying by entertaining our minds and hearts with the pleasures, wines, women, drugs, attention-diverting vices and problem-forgetting sweets of the world. All these diversions and entertainment will only make things worse? Why? Because these will rob us of the precious time intended for PREPARATION! I am not saying we should stop allotting time to enjoy or to rest from our pain and burdensome living altogether. What I am saying is this: We should stop indulging in it too much or using it as a way of FALSE ESCAPE! We should stop using the pleasures of this life in such a way that we miss PREPARING! Like the people in the time of Noah: “They ate, drank and married (sexed), until Noah entered the ark, and the people missed it!” God never prohibited us from eating, drinking or enjoying married life, but Jesus also warned that we should not make these activities the end and our pre-occupation and so forget our goal and become unprepared for the future! JESUS CHRIST – HIS ADVICE AND HIS POWERFUL INTERVENTION - IS OUR NOAH’S ARK. IT IS OUR ESCAPE. WE MUST NOT BE BLINDED NOR DECEIVED BY MODERN FORM OF ESCAPISM: drinking, gambling, cigarettes, drugs, even the good things like sex, sports and food, are made into tools of false escapism.

We better face the problem and make changes, individually and together! If we do this with God and Christ, we can face it with confidence, without fear. No need to run into a self-imposed cloister, e.g., drowning ourselves with TV entertainments, with wine, with gambling, and other narcotics meant to forget.

Legislative and executive actions as well as people’s initiatives are needed. Laws that prohibit the burning of plastics, et.al., are not enough. THE MAIN CULPRIT, FOSSIL FUEL, REMAINS SCOT-FREE! It continues to be used by vehicles and factories. There must be laws that order and fund the development of alternative clean renewable energy such as solar power and deuterium (heavy water) under our Pacific ocean. These two, solar power and deuterium, must be given focus and priority than those ones taken from sugarcane, corn and other plants for the following reasons:

· aside from their being environment-friendly,

· effectiveness [no need to experiment or refine],

· abundance or inexhaustibility,

· cheap cost [solar power is even free; deuterium is estimated to be only US$4-7 per barrel; contrast that to today’s oil’s price of US$ 70 per barrel!]

· and, once the facilities are installed, instant-availability [no need to wait 90 days like corn and additional days for plant processing. It is possible to pump up to 12 millions of barrels of deuterium a day! That we cannot do with corn fuel or sugar cane’s ethanol]

Why are we wasting time? Why are we not hitting the bull’s eye? Why are we wasting time walking around the trunk of the tree? Why not aim directly to solar power and deuterium? Our dilly-dally mean give the foreigners and their local accomplice the time to change the Constitution and covet our deuterium! So, we need lawmakers who could not be lobbied by big oil companies and who would pass the 3 bills in Congress for the utilization of deuterium – bills that were barred by lawmakers bribed by foreigners and oil companies!

I see some streak of greed and cunning in the present government press for ethanol and ‘tuba-tuba’ or even corn to be used as source of environment-friendly energy, instead of focusing our resources to solar and deuterium power: either profit from the involvement of businessmen or simple surrender back to old oil because of tiring processes like what is happening with ethanol. The people and local industrialists seem to have been pushed to tiring task of producing an alternative that is requiring so many processes and expenses with the end-product almost the same price as the old oil. What a folly! If not because of the environmental aspect of it, the whole exercise would have been total funny foolishness!

In contrast, the use of solar power puts an end to the meddling of greedy businessmen [THAT’S ADVANTAGE NO. 1!] and frees the people of monthly electric bills [ADVANTAGE NO. 2!]. Though I am not against businessmen per se, being a businessman myself, I am for the killing of greed that is often lurking inside most businessmen. We must destroy greed in favor of the welfare of the people. I don’t care if we, businessmen, couldn’t make sustainable income (that is, monthly and continuous money) from solar power, as long as the people get the greater and lasting benefit [THAT IS ADVANTAGE NO. 3!]. The reason why scientists and businessmen have rejected the development of solar power is not its unfeasibility [IT IS FEASIBLE BEING ONE OF THE EASIEST SCIENTIFIC WORKS!], but its long-term unprofitability for business and government, that is, you only make money from your solar panels and batteries, but afterwards, households will source their energy directly from God’s sun, and so NAPOCOR and the government and private businessmen will no longer make money.

The biggest advantages to our focused utilization of solar power and deuterium are: FREE COST FOR SOLAR POWER (except to initial investment); and THE UNBELIEVABLY HUGE PROFITABILITY FROM DEUTERIUM which is now being seen as the next source of world energy after the fossil fuel will be exhausted sooner or later in 2010! (Read Are We Really Going to Run Out of Oil?” at http://www.deuterium4freedom.blogspot.com)

Because of this inexhaustible deuterium, the Philippines is going to be the next power-base and international center after the oil in the Middle East runs dry!

In two years of operation of this deuterium company under a 20-40-40 revenue sharing (that is, 20% for operations, the remaining 80% profits to be equally divided between the Philippine government and foreign/domestic private capitalists), our huge national debt could be paid! (www.deuterium4freedom.blogspot.com)

Solar power is very feasible as far as the benefit of the people and effectiveness to serve the energy needs of the common tao is concerned. As a matter of fact, there are now radical houses and even far-plunged unorthodox barangays (villages) enjoying freedom from electric bills most of us are suffering to pay every month, because they are using God’s solar power. That’s the difference: God gives everything free! And we can not blame anyone if we let ourselves got hooked by our cunning greedy fellowmen! God’s will is that there is no other tie or bind except that of godly and brotherly love, that is, no one should be put to a disadvantage!

That’s the simple meaning of this simple thing made complicated by those who want to make money out of it! Nobody would like to promote an invention or method that they would not make money and thus control the people like a carabao (buffalo) with a rope.

With regards to the deuterium, it is large international greed [read: multi-national companies] at play that wants to seize ownership of the Pacific Ocean from the Filipinos! That is precisely the hidden agenda of the frustrated Charter Change which attempted to hook the Filipinos to approve the sale of our National Patrimony or natural resources to foreigners. Joe De Venecia, Erico Aumentado, Pres. Arroyo and other Cha-Cha promoters paid by the U.S., et. al., deceived the people to sign the Cha-Cha using the shift of government system from presidential-bicameral to parliamentary-unicameral s the bait!


There are already no less than 3 bills in Congress for the utilization of deuterium. These bills have been blocked by strong lobby force from big oil companies who would lose their oil (gasoline) business, unless they would join in the group of investors to exploit this deuterium supply.

We need pro-people Congressmen to push this initiative towards the full use of deuterium. The whole process of utilization and development is unbelievably simple: the well-know easy, simple ramjet suction method is to be used. The only aspect to be given government support is the invention of a material to be used for making a hose or pipe that can withstand the pressure of the ocean 7,000 meters deep!

So, had the government invested for solar power instead of the Bataan nuclear plant and NAPOCOR, we would have been spared from the biggest part of our P 5 trillion-plus national debt which was incurred by National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR). Because mainly of NAPOCOR, we are paying to World Bank-IMF, ADB, et.al a daily interest in the amount of P931, 000.00! That’s a day! Everyday! And not including the principal!

That’s the consequence of electing fools to run our government and make foolish decisions!

The price of wicked greed is misery of the people!

Above all, would the Government invest for the invention of a hose or pipe that can withstand the Pacific Ocean’s 10,000 psi (pressure), then, we would have been into this one of the greatest projects the world has ever known to benefit all nations since deuterium is environment-friendly. National debt evaporates like a dew in the sun. Poverty becomes a thing of the past. The crime of ozone-depletion and the ongoing hurricanuous revenge of the earth’s weather would be halted. A new day of peace, serenity and prosperity is ushering.

Golden Age for the Philippines is still and soon to come! To help usher the New Age of Godly Love where love, not greed nor lust nor price, is the basis of all decisions and actions.

That is my poorest description of the benefits of our successful utilization of deuterium.

If the government continues to dilly-dally, then, we better train our sight to a ‘coalitioned’ People’s Organizations and NGOs in the whole Philippines to take charge in the utilization and development of this special gift of God to the people of the Philippines and the world – the deuterium!

This is the best of the greatest things any congressman or official can ever do in his lifetime for the nation and for the world!


yes, you are right its like the key of success is already at our hands but we where blind by the dollars of foreigners.the key of making the Philippines a 1st world country is in our hands . its just,wrong people are being at power making wrong decision not thinking of the greater good that we could gain- thing of that . erasing poverty! would you still think twice of that good effect?
yes, you are right Arnulfo Yu Laniba its like the key of success is already at our hands but we where blind by the dollars of foreigners.the key of making the Philippines a 1st world country is in our hands . its just,wrong people are being at power making wrong decision not thinking of the greater good that we could gain- thing of that . erasing poverty! would you still think twice of that good effect?
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